Iceland Whatever Vol. 2 cover
  1. Berndsen - Alter Ego
  2. Dr. Gunni – Ég er aumingi
  3. Milkywhale – Invisible
  4. Boogie Trouble – Moldun
  5. Pink Street Boys – Let it down
  6. Æla – Rolégur
  7. Myrra Rós – One amongst others
  8. Svavar Knútur – Wanderlust
  9. Cyber- MÁVAR
  10. Reykjavik! – Flybus!
  11. Futuregrapher – Shemale

Not for pussy wussies, take this doggy bag in style

Although curiosity killed the cat, I’m always curious about the songs featured on an Icelandic music compilation. The second compilation by Theory Of Whatever Records, is logically entitled “Iceland Whatever Vol. 2”. Definitely and luckily it is not as middle of the road as the ‘Made In Iceland’ albums compiled by Iceland Music Export (IMX). In eleven songs Bryan Riebeek (a.k.a. blogger Ragnaar Bastiaan) takes you on the almost 8 years old Flybus! from KEF to 101 RVK in less than 45 minutes. Eat your heart out, Greyhound! Here’s the Icelandic Shepherd:

  1. Iceland’s own Simply Red, the ginger bearded (David) Berndsen, makes 80s retro pop built around his fantastic voice and fine synthesizer beats. “Alter Ego” is the title track to be featured on the upcoming album in 2017.
  2. Dr. Gunni, Iceland’s most multitasking music veteran, is extremely active and productive since the early 80s (SH Draumur, Bless, Unun). For this compilation he delivered a very exclusive song, “Ég er aumingi”, from his unique LP+Acryl Painting package, known as the Doctor’s ‘ATVIK’ project (2016).
  3. The highly contagious and dance pop made by the duet of choreographer Melkorka Sigríður Magnúsdóttir and Árni Rúnar Hlöðversson (FM Belfast, Árni+1/Árni Pluseinn) is a biohazard for us all. It will probably go viral before you’ll ever notice it. Maybe in 2017…
  4. Icelandic disco à gogo combo Boogie Trouble’s song “Moldun” is the fourth track. It is a song taken from the band’s debut album “Í bænum” (2016).
  5. Another biohard on the horizon ‘cause the Pink Street Boys make stinky and dirty punk straight from the sanitary sewer system of the garage.
  6. From sewage to puke, Æla, the vomiting punks, is a small step. The band took their time to release a second album in 2015 with the title “Vettlingatök” (Handle with kid gloves). Keep calm and listen to “Rolégur”!
  7. Singer-songwriter Myrra Rós (also frontlady of the band VAR) made a sincere and sinister solo album, “One amongst others”, in 2015.
  8. Worldwide travelling troubadour Svavar Knútur is always on the run. So “Wanderlust”, a song from his album “Brot (The Breaking)”(2015), catches his lifestyle in one take.
  9. The Cyber duo makes catchy alternative hiphop. “MÁVAR” is a perfect parlando vs. rap track.
  10. What’s a compilation without an instant classic track from 2008?! “Flybus!” by rock veterans Reykjavik!
  11. The final track is the brand new Futuregrapher song entitled “Shemale”.

“Iceland Whatever Vol. 2” is once again great Value for Money. So I have to repeat myself: A cheap album that features anything but cheap music! Don’t get fooled again, so if you don’t by this album then you’re an utter utter utter utter utter….

– Wim Van Hooste