Iceland Whatever cover
  1. Knife fights - Panic Later
  2. Þórir Georg - Hunger
  3. Plúseinn - Empire
  4. Bambaló - Impress the boy
  5. Vigri - Breathing
  6. KVÖL - Dropar
  7. Kælan Mikla - Ekkert Nema Ég
  8. kimono - Lee Harvey Oswald
  9. Var - Varma
  10. Brött Brekka - Genie 454
  11. AMFJ - Esja
  12. Dj. flugvél og geimskip - Draugur Í Kastalanum
  13. Antimony - Purity Control
  14. Ghostigital/kimono mash-up - Codomatopoeia

Whatever gets you through the night

Come on listen to me

The purpose of this very cheap album (only 6 USD !) is to make a compilation of Icelandic artists you should get to know better. It’s a magnificent melting pot of genres & styles. Goth, new wave, punk, electro,… you name it!

Track no. 1 is one of the most touching tracks I’ve heard this year. We want more Knife Fights, though under the Peace Tower light. One of the most productive Icelandic artists is Þórir Georg; track II makes you hungry for more. Árni Plúseinn aka Árni+1 (the mastermind behind Iceland’s Number 1 party band FM Belfast) makes the Empire striking back in song 3. Chanteuse Bambaló impresses not only the boys with tune IV. The 5th song is “Breathing” by the band Vigri. More Þórir Georg indeed: Kvöl’s dark dripping droplets trickling down her cheeks in “Dropar”. Promising punk poet trio Kælan Mikla puts “Ekkert nema ég” on your plate. The characteristic kimono’s song “Lee Harvey Oswald” is driven by bottled-up anger. Var’s song “Varma” is a superior Sigur Rós-esque song. Punky rockers Brött Brekka surprise with “Genie 454”. AMFJ is presenting the soundscape “Esja”, by far RVK’s favourite mountain. The girl from outer space, better known as Dj Flugvél og Geimskip (Dj Airplane & Spaceship), brings “Draugur Í Kastalanum” down to earth. New wavers ‘après la lettre’ Antimony’s best track “Purity control” is featured on this compilation, fortunately. Final track is a Ghostigital/kimono mash-up entitled “Codomatopoeia”: In cod we trust, definitely.

Iceland Whatever Vol. 1 is without any doubt the best Icelandic music compilation of 2015: fourteen smoking tracks for the price of a pack of cigarettes. A cheap album that features anything but cheap music!

– Wim Van Hooste