On a wave of mutiny

“Eitrun” is a great introduction: the sound of the wobbling waves kicks off the debut album “I” of surf rock band Bárujárn. Followed by the invasion of the Kon-Tiki boat in “Vígspá”, with The Shadows on speed on board. Founded in 2008 after a meeting at an industrial showcase for corrugated iron and supplies at Hafnarfjörður, Bárujárn brings the grandfather of the surf sound Dick Dale ashore.  The third track “Þula” takes you on a trip with Robinson Crusoe towards a secret surfing spot on a Bounty Island with black beaches and snow covered volcanoes. “Cha cha cha” is a dance track for beach boys and girls which dare to wear a wetsuit or bikini on Iceland’s Waikiki beach. No love story without a femme fatale called “Sírena”. The theremin as siren fits marvelous. This device rides the waves as well in track 6 with the name “06-Út”.

Highlight of the record is psycho-metal surf song “Skuggasörf”, that even works without the go-go dancers which join the band on stage: smells like surf spirit. “Brennið þið vitar” has a shade of The Shadows. The last song “Þögn” is a grand finale for the surf and sailing safari that was 9 songs long, a journey just long enough to get not tired. Although Iceland isn’t a surfer’s paradise, Bárujárn knows how to bring a wet, original electric sound to the island where the waves wave you goodbye.

– Wim Van Hooste