knife fights cover
  1. Stay forever in doubt
  2. Stare into space
  3. Fiery collapse
  4. All things unknown
  5. Disappear 2
  6. Underground
  7. The way I left
  8. Gnarbone
  9. Downhill
  10. I need you to go to hell

Straight to hell on the Snæfellsnes peninsula

Recently a tidal new wave hit the lo-fi music community at the rocky shores of the smoky bay. Resulting in the release of the debut album by the band Knife Fights: “I need you to go to hell”. It’s a battering-ram pommeling on an Eimskip container filled with 10 indie, punky, rather melodic lo-fi music, based on a strong rhythm session, with a murderer on drums. The vocals fit the music well.
It is hard to pinpoint the highlights on this bulldozer ride “Downhill” straight to hell on the Snæfellsnes peninsula. But in “Stay forever in doubt” and “Stare into space” you will be branded with the 666 stigma.
It takes a several listenings, but then you can find out that Knife Fights made the album that Jakobínarína never made

– Wim Van Hooste