Knife Fights EP cover
  1. Place your bets
  2. Panic later
  3. Grey clouds
  4. Don’t be a man
  5. Tails

It’s a man’s man’s man’s world

In 2014 a tidal new wave hit the capital’s community. The treasure that this tsunami left on the rocky shores of Reykjavík was Knife Fights’ début album “I need you to go to hell”. It was one of the best records of 2014, and I claimed that it was the album that Jakobínarína never made. Their first 4-track EP “OK” saw daylight one year earlier.

In 2016, Knife Fights released their second EP entitled “I am neither a whole nor a half man”. The band formed by Siggi Slicer keeps on making melodic indie music driven by a strong rhythm session.

Opening song “Place your bets” is not only a song for gamblers, I bet you gonna love it from the first second. Though, my favourite track is the second on the list: “Panic later”. It reminds me of the early years of the band Sudden Weather Change and the latest years of Fufanu. If you start talking about the weather in Iceland, you get “Grey clouds” in the blue sky after 5 minutes. It’s rather black than grey: a downtempo, dark and doomy depression song. “Don’t be a man” starts where “Panic later” ends. So no panic needed in the streets when she has shaved her leg and then he was she – she said. “Tails” starts as a David Bowie meets Gary Newman tune, but the sting is in the tail: in cauda venenum!

The “I am neither a whole nor a half man” EP by Knife Fights is an abrasive and addictive assemblage of 5 tracks. You don’t need a knife, bare hands is the only thing you need to put this record on repeat.

– Wim Van Hooste