1. Minningar Um Þjáningar
  2. Huldar Slóðir
  3. Kvöl

Softly on the path you fade

Dulvitund (‘Unconsious”) is the dark ambient solo-project of Þórir Óskar Björnsson that kicked off late 2013. A full début album “Lífsins þungu spor” was released in 2015. One year earlier Dulvitund recorded the “Huldar Slóðir EP”. Recently this EP was re-released on Dissociated Records as a limited cassette with an on-body tampography print, a folded slipcase, matte lamination, and shrinkwrapping.

This “Huldar Slóðir EP” is a triptych of electronic, emotional landscapes, almost half an hour long. As soon as you press play, you enter the dreary, dreamy but dark world of Þórir Óskar Björnsson. Depression and the human condition are the main themes of this EP.

Track I “Minningar Um Þjáningar” (Memories of the suffering) is an orchestral opus.

Track II “Huldar Slóðir” (Hidden paths) is a pumping ‘Cooper Test’ that lingers between a happy hill and a distorted valley.

Track III “Kvöl” (Torment) is black as soot, but you are guided by a raven, or is it a vulture?

Dulvitund’s “Huldar Slóðir EP” is minimalistic and meditative record that has a maximum output on the tormented emotional brain. It is an intense and  introspective but intruiging journey in the grey and white matter that matters.

– Wim Van Hooste