Herdubreid cover
  1. Herðubreið
  2. Mosó
  3. Heimur horfir á
  4. Búagott
  5. Bjarga þér
  6. Aukalíf
  7. Táradalur
  8. Treystu mér
  9. Steinefni
  10. Heyr höfuðgafl
  11. Óttalaus

The Queen of Music

Ensími was formed in 1996 as an outlet for a few friends to get together and have some fun with music ideas, fusing together rock with electronics. Ensími’s first album, “Kafbátamúsík”, made a big splash in the music scene in 1998, earning them 2 Icelandic Music Awards for best new act and song of the year. Ensími’s first real live performance was for the music documentary film and festival with the name“Pop in Reykjavik”. Followed by a lot of  concerts around the country and they were one of the few acts performing at the first Iceland Airwaves Festival back in 1999. Kafbátamusik is considered one of the best albums ever released in Iceland to this day. They had the opportunity to collaborate with the famous Steve Albini for their next album. The second album, “BMX”, was released in 1999. The 3rd album entitled “Ensími”, was released 3 years later. In 2010 Ensími emerged with a new album “Gæludýr”.

Now there is “Herðubreið”, named after the Queen of Mountains, Iceland’s own Tafelberg. The Table Mountain is filled with eleven enzymes, to give you an extra energetic boost. Ensími is back with a consistent and balanced melancholic mix of uptempo electrorock, in the line of their previous output in the first seven songs. The final four songs have a more downtempo and contemplative character. Mountaineering in the outback of the island: it only takes seven steps uphill, 4 steps downhill, and then back to the oasis Herðubreiðarlindir nearby the holy high hill to reflect and relax.

The fifth element by Ensími is an elementary one for brain and soul.

– Wim Van Hooste