1. Mysterious mist engulfs the city
  2. Through the suburbs in a brown bus
  3. Overwhelmed by the structure
  4. 10.2 Million people awaiting the sunrise
  5. The day flashes by
  6. Drinking absinthe under the bridge
  7. Hallucinating in the heart of the city
  8. The train
  9. Remembering

China in your hands

Arnar Guðjónsson is the frontman of the successful band Leaves, best known for creating an excellent Icelandic Britpop variant. He travelled to China on several occasions, lately with the band Bang Gang. “Grey mist of Wuhan” is a 9-track soundtrack fully inspired by these travels.
Opening track “Mysterious mist engulfs the city” has a sacred sound with a churchy feel. It brings to mind Whoopy, a nun on the run in Sister Act. The second song, “ Through the suburbs in a brown bus”, has a crispy and creepy bite: a mad bus with Keanu & Sandra in full Speed. Chasing the Rising Sun with Sean in the third track “Overwhelmed by the structure”. There are “10.2 Million people awaiting the sunrise” instead of Katie’s bicycles in Bejing. In “The day flashes by” we jump on our bike made in China to have a Rat Race with ‘Basil the Rat’ John Cleese. “Drinking absinthe under the bridge” has a doomy, oriental odour in the beginning but ends with a rather strange monotonous mumble. The seventh song is “Hallucinating in the heart of the city”, an upcheering & uplifting uppercutie. Track VIII, “The train”, is a modern Runaway Train with Rebecca De Mornay as whistle blower. “Remembering” is a song as meandering like the river Yangtze.
The album” Grey mist of Wuhan” is as breakable as Chinese porcelain, as tasty as a spring roll, and as foggy as Beijing. Arnar’s solo project resulted in a marvelous mix of Asian atmospheres. No China Crisis by China in your hands!

– Wim Van Hooste