aska album cover
  1. Grátónar eitt
  2. Draumar rætast ekki
  3. Grátónar tvö
  4. Vafurlogi
  5. Framliðin ást
  6. Grátónar þrjú
  7. Við
  8. Grátónar fjögur

Black is back.

Aska ekki Askja.

Aska (‘Ash’) is a one-man electronic project from the capital of the North, Akureyri. It’s back to the black eighties, that’s for sure. Kristófer Páll Viðarsson’s music is dedicated to the minimalistic synthpop with cold wave overtones. Only using synthesizers and drum machines, his music is implemented and dressed around his own poetry. What you get on the “Grátónar” album is cold, machine-like music, but passionate at the same time. Spoken word alternates with instrumental songs.

Aska’s music is tributary to Kraftwerk, Joy Division’s Ian Curtis and of course Anne Clark. Music made especially for doomed women and men in black. Nothing more, nothing less.