Glimpse of everything cover
  1. Woozy
  2. Ain’t got nothing but harmony
  3. Drums of Congo
  4. It’s all round
  5. Stranger than strangers
  6. Yellow Mustard
  7. Penny’s eyes
  8. In the morning
  9. Good old days
  10. Tell me something
  11. Glimpse of everything
  12. Beach blackout

One hot dog with everything

This summer The Suburban Spaceman (TSS), le ‘nom de plume’ of Jón Gabríel Lorange, released his second album “Glimpse of everything”, the successor of the 7-track album entitled “Meaningless songs” (2015). All songs were composed, performed and recorded by TSS in Ljubljana and Reykjavík in the period 2015-2016. Graphic designer Jón Gabríel (Nonni) formed the duo Nolo with Ívar Björnsson in 2009. Ívar and Jón Gabríel first got into music when they began their studies at the Icelandic Guitar School at the age of 12. Soon after that they formed a blues band in Kópavogur with the name ‘Sidewalk’. The band was renamed ‘Spooky Jetson’ and went through to the finals of the Músíktilraunir competition in 2007. The blues band became the duet Nolo. As Nolo they released four albums: “No-Lo-Fi” (2010), “Nology” (2011) on Kimi Records, “Human” digital on Bandcamp and an album with material from the period 2012-2014 called “No Disc” (2016).

“Glimpse of everything” opens with the song “Woozy”, a blue movie tune that ends fuzzy and foggy. The second song, “Ain’t got nothing but harmony”, is an introspective and introvert piece. Track III is “Drums of Congo” is a quite jazzy intermezzo. The fourth song is “It’s all round”. Track V “Stranger than strangers” is darker and the lyrics are about losing a friend. The sixth song is about “Yellow Mustard” that makes it a hot dog with everything. ”Penny’s Eyes” is performed with Emma Heiðarsdóttir, who designed the album’s cover art. Track VIII, “In the morning”, could become your early wake-up call. Song number 9 is “Good old days” and number 10 “Tell me something”. The title track “Glimpse of everything” has an 80s new wave feel. The final song “Beach blackout” is an instrumental epilogue.

TSS’ second album “Glimpse of everything” is a treasure for all pirates who want an earring in the left ear and some easy listening lo-fi synthpop in the right one. Definitely an album for people who search for an alternative version of the French duo Air.

– Wim Van Hooste