Ambatt cover
  1. Flugufen
  2. Kóðá
  3. Svefney
  4. Augnlækur
  5. Brenningur
  6. Undirtún
  7. Lognheimar

Seven seasons in one day

The duet Ambátt, the combo of Icelandic music scene veterans Pan Thorarensen and Þorkell Atlason, released its first 7-track album “Flugufen”. It is the successor of the critically acclaimed EP “If you fall you fly” (2012), that was released under the wings of Beatmakin Troopa. The songs are named after forgotten places in Iceland that the two dug up out of old literature. Þorkell Atlason is a classically trained guitarist and composer. Composer Pan Thorarensen has made his name as Beatmakin Troopa and Extreme Chill Festival organiser and promoter. On the album “Flugufen” the two got some kind helping hands from Benjamín Bent Árnason on drums and trumpetist Sebastian Studnitzky.

Ambátt’s opener and title track has a jazzy and funky feel created by the trumpet played by the German Sebastian Studnitzky. Song 2 is “Kóðá” a hop on/hop off hip hop style sightseeing trip. The rum driven song “Svefney” has a gentle guitar on top. Track IV, “Augnlækur”, is wearing a black postrock jacket. “Brenningur” is the only song with vocals: Katrína from Mammút (tear)drops in like a fallen angel. Track VI, “Undirtún”, is caracterised by the trembling trumpet improvisation. The final track, “Lognheimar”, has the relaxing effect of going to a yoga class with a stomach full of tranquillizers. Keep calm and listen to Ambátt!

The duo Pan and Þorkell delivered seven totally different but synergetic songs. To make a final conclusion, “Flugufen” by Ambátt is an extreme chilling album that varies like Iceland does between snowy, sunny, rainy, windy and cloudy surroundings in half an hour.

– Wim Van Hooste