Fjallabak cover art
  1. Fjallabak
  2. Kaldaklofskvísl
  3. F210
  4. Slysaalda

No way Fjallabak

Rambelta, the alias of Ólafur Kolbeinn Guðmundsson, is as active as an Icelandic volcano. Every 9 months 4 earthquakes are delivered in an EP package. “Fjallabak” is the fourth 4-track record containing almost half an hour of ambient music.

The cover art is a picture of the mountain Mælifell made by Ólafur’s wife during their inspiring trip in the Fjallabak Nature Reserve last year. This region is an area with numerous wild and rugged mountains with deeply incised valleys, a direct result of being the largest rhyolite area in the country and the largest geothermal area outside Grimsvötn.

“Fjallabak” is moodier and in the line of “Deep-5”, his 2nd EP, than the more complicated 3rd EP “Event Matrix”.

The title track “Fjallabak” invokes emotions of solid solitude at the wheel of a 4WD in the Icelandic outback.

The second composition “Kaldaklofskvísl” is named after the river on the famous Laugavegur trail, not the notorious shopping street, but the walk between Landmannalaugar and Þórsmörk. What is a record without bubbling H20, the daily habitat of professional water lover Ólafur.

The third track with the title “F210”, an Icelandic highland road number, is anything but a road to nowhere, it’s a sign of the times.

The last composition “Slysaalda” is my favourite one because it brings remoteness and isolation to mind.

“Fjallabak” is a 4X4 road trip for brain and soul made by anything but a landlubber.


– Wim Van Hooste