Fire is a bit more like a 12″ single than an EP, containing two original tracks in “Fire” and “Somebody”, with the other three slots given over to different remixes of “Fire”.  “Fire” is obviously the primary track here, but I have give a lot of props to “Somebody” – for all of “Fire”‘s polish, “Somebody” gives Rakel’s vocals more opportunity to bring that something special to the track.  It’s the ability of Alice and Bella to keep the music tight while still giving Rakel the opportunity to range about and explore that gives Dream Wife its uniqueness, a rare blend of power and quirky, and one that shines on “Somebody”.

The remixes are pretty damn hot as well.  “Fire (Ellie Herring Remix)” turns the song into a sultry, ambient slow burn, oozing pulsating passion.  Meanwhile “Fire (FTSE Remix)” uses piano as the base, alongside xylophone-like percussion to give the entire thing an almost calypso feel.  The last mix, done by biLLy, probably holds truest to the original, using beats that better fit the song itself instead of trying to make the song fit the beats.

Great stuff from Dream Wife.  Let’s hope there’s a full length in their future for 2018, because the world needs more Dream Wife.

– Jeff Obermeyer