Ep - Kvöl
  1. Get away
  2. Nothing to say
  3. Norm
  4. We are nothing



That’s what Kvöl means. Just to give you an idea. Kvöl is a duo, previously known as ‘Bömmer’, that brings new wave in a postpunk, gothic package. Yup, again anothing musical outlet featuring and starring Þórir Georg, the omnipresent usual suspect in Iceland’s rock ‘n roll scene. This 2-piece has released its first EP, a 4-song effort, available as cassette or as CD3 (3 inch CD-R). It is the second release on the Ronja label, affiliated to the Reykjavík based punk rock label Paradísarborgarplötur (PBP). Ronja # 1 was the album “Stálhellarnir/The Caves of Steel” by W. Earle (one of the many noms de plume of Þórir Georg). All four tracks sound very hollow and cold, with gloomy guitar rhythms. Echoing “Pornography” by The Cure. Honouring Anton Corbijn’s long, dark, black coated Ian Curtis (R.I.P.). “EP” is Just like Heaven, just like the 2 previous Bömmer EP’s, entitled “Helicopter/Wide Awake/ Anyone Anywhere” and “Drift/Listen/Lucky”.

Nöthing more to say.

-Wim Van Hooste