1. Deliver
  2. Please
  3. Who would I be holding tight
  4. Tipzy King
  5. Hangover
  6. Pissing in the wind
  7. I’m a wolf
  8. Climbing up a dream
  9. Lazing on

Stick around for Enjoy!

Örn Elías Guðmundsson (°1976) spent an idyllic childhood among the monkeys in Cabo Verde (West Africa) and some years around Iceland (in the capital Reykjavík, in the pearl of the West Fjords Ísafjörður, and on Hrísey, an island in the 50 km long Eyjafjörður fjord) in the footsteps of his fishing father Muggur/Muggi. In 1990 poet and musician Kjartan H. Grétarsson gave Mugison’s musical career a boost by introducting him into Frank Zappa and some Beat Poets. In 1993, the year of Nirvana’s “In Utero” and Björk’s 2nd Debut, he went to school at Hamrahlíðaskóli, the cradle of many musicians. Kiddi Kanína of the famous Hljómalind record shop turned Muguson onto artists such as Sonic Youth and Pavement. In 2000 Mugison went to London to complete a BA in Recording Art. His début album “Lonely Mountain” (2003) was made on a second hand Apple PowerBook with a VX Pocket Soundcard. Later on, he developped the ‘Mugibox’, a box no bigger than a suitcase, that contained all the equipment he needed to go out on the road (including his pants). He toured with the band múm in the 2003-2004 period. In 2004 he wrote the soundtrack for the movie “Niceland”; the score was recorded in a church at Ísafjörður. In between days he started the Easter music festival ‘Aldrei fór ég suður’ (I never went south) in the West Fjords capital. A festival that is known for having plokkfiskur (fish stew) in the menu, but no entrance fees, no backstage and no soundchecks. More murr murr music came out the following years: “Mugimama Is this monkey music?” (2004), the soundtrack “Little trip” (2005), the soundtrack “Mýrin” (2007), ‘Mugiboogie’ (2008), ‘Ítrekun’ (2009) and ‘Haglél’ (2011). Five years later Mugi the eagle (Örn in Icelandic) is back with a 9-track album with the title “Enjoy!”.

The album opens so charming and cheerful, one could only stand and “Deliver”! Kissing asses to asses in the second song entitled “Please”, as Mugison goes nuts in a nutshell. In the more traditional song, “Who would I be holding tight”, he jumps on the back of Jolly Jumper to go and see his favourite species, the monkeys in the trees. “Tipzy King” is a slow emotional replay of a night out, ending with too much booze in the blood. Song V is of course about never drinking a single drop again the day after: “Hangover”. “Pissing in the wind” is an ode to the friendship. Under blue moon, Mugison is one of the howlin’ pack in “I’m a wolf”. Track VIII, “Climbing up a dream”, and the final song “Lazing on” both express lovely laziness 2.0.

Mugison’s new album “Enjoy!” features nine beauty queens straight from the small town Súðavík in the West Fjords. His vocal chords play a prominent role and the alternative folky music is meandering through a landscape filled with smooth guitars and weird sounds. It was worth it to wait five years for this delicious delivery. Mugibaby “Enjoy!” is blessed with a beautiful voice and a fantastic fingerspitzengefühl in the tiny little fingers.

Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think!

– Wim Van Hooste