1 Tookah 03:00
2 Caterpillar 03:52
3 Autumn Sun 04:11
4 Home 03:34
5 Elisabet 03:28
6 Animal Games 02:56
7 Speed of Dark 05:37
8 Blood Red 05:07
9 When Fever Breaks 07:29

Emilíana Torrini Review “Tookah” (Rough Trade, September 2013)

– The Good, The Bad and The Beauty –

No more big jumps on jungle drums, let’s hop on “Tookah”, the 4th international solo album of half Icelandic-half Italian singer Emilíana Torrini. After a record with the band Spoon (1994) and 2 albums for the Icelandic market (“Crouçie d’où là” (1995) and “Merman” (1996)), she delivered the triad “Love in the time of science” (1999), “Fisherman’s woman” (2005) and “Me and Armini” (2008) during the last decades. In the meantime supplementing the vocals for GusGus songs and Lord of the Rings (Two Towers) anthem “Gollum’s song”. Longtime collaborator and producer Don Carey helped her to overcome a probably postnatal writer’s block, or was it a midlife crisis praecox? Emilíana takes you on an introspective, melancholic, existentialistic quest to find a sort of sonic peace, the inner good and bad totally balanced: “Tookah”. Title track “Tookah” is followed by 2 semi-acoustic guitar driven songs, “Caterpillar” and “Autumn Sun”. “Home” is the happy return in her homeland after 16 years of residence in Brighton. A track dedicated to her aunt “Elisabet” is a breakable, but beautiful intermezzo. “Animal Games” has some echoes of the GusGus period. Electropop tune “Speed of Dark” is a Kylie Minogue-esque song. Not a big surprise after writing a song for Aussie Kylie, entitled “Slow”. Song VIII “Blood Red” is a gloomy and dramatic track. It takes a full 3 minutes before the temperature rises in epilogue “When fever breaks”, a bloodborne virulent virus is running through the vessels, or is it just cold fever? This time she did not choose the sunny road, but “Tookah” takes you on a dark, although not a bad trip, to reveal yin and yang.