Dr Gunni i sjoppu cover
  1. 1$
  2. Rokk!
  3. Heiða Dögg
  4. Baugur Mónakó partí
  5. Stíf-Stef-Stefán
  6. Hestar
  7. Rollur
  8. Gúmmíönd
  9. Sjöundi október
  10. New York borg kl. 4 um nótt

A Big Apple a day keeps the doctor away

Dr. Gunni (Gunnar Lárus Hjálmarsson) turned 50 years on 7. October 2015. For this occasion he released 50 numbered 10 inches of the longplayer “Dr. Gunni í sjoppu” on his birthday on his own record label ‘Erðanúmúsík’. As usual Gunnar invited his band and some helping voices and hands of friends to start and end in Frank Sinatra’s NY NY.

Opener “1$” features an unknown vendor in New York City. Song 2, “Rokk!”, sounds like a Eurovision tune. So here are the results of the Belgian jury: Douze points! The third song, “Heiða Dögg”, reminds me of Dr Gunni’s ‘Bless’ period. In “Baugur Mónakó partí”, Dr Gunni puts on his yellow glove, read: Dr Gunni goes Dr Spock. On song V “Stíf-Stef-Stefán” the Sticklebacks join the doctor. ‘They shoot horses, don’t they?’: horses are morons in the song “Hestar”. He – Ho – Let’s go: “Rollur” is 1, 2, 3, 4, punk.! The duet with Steinunn aka dj Flugvél og Geimskip (Dj Airplane & Spaceship) “Gúmmíönd” is a delight and highlight. A song about the 7. October (“Sjöundi október”) was inevitable, but I did not expect lyrics referring to drinking coffee from a monkey’s ass. The vocal chords of American chanteuse and longtime ‘friend of Iceland’ Shady Owens (of both Trúbrot and Hljómar from Keflavík fame) are present in the final song about New York 4 o’clock in the morning: Men in Black on the streets and vendors selling cherries in the Big Apple.

The album “Dr. Gunni í sjoppu” contains a variety of extremely short but also Eurovision Song Contest long songs, a straight forward punk track, indierock and some psychedelica from outer space. An album featuring a song entitled ‘ROKK!’ is of course to be loved by dr ROK!

Rok(k) on Doc!

– Wim Van Hooste