Rambelta Deep
  1. Rangali
  2. Gathamar
  3. Steig
  4. Stekkeyri

With the Qayaq in Fjordland

Ólafur Kolbeinn Guðmundsson is besides a fisherman from Hafnarfjörður, a very productive musician. “Deep-5” is the second 4-track album containing over a half an hour of ambient music, made in 2014. The album is inspired by the Jökulfirðir region in the Nord West of Iceland. Jökulfirðir contains 5 fjords: Leirufjörður, Hrafnfjörður, Lónafjörður, Veiðileysufjörður and Hesteyrarfjörður. After being kayaking for one week, Ólafur got back, wrote and recorded the album within a week. All the song titles found their origin in places from the visited region, a totally uninhabited and desolate area. Track IV “Stekkeyri” is named after an abandoned whaling station.

Just like on the previous record, Ólafur knows how to build up a descent track. His music always brings me in a state of trance.

Track I “Rangali”: Godzilla in the mist showing off his Goldie teeth, tooth by tooth
Track II “Gathamar”: Titanic in the mist, heading for the icebergs, one by one
Track III “Steig”: kayaking in the mist, fjord by fjord, and roll by roll
Track IV “Stekkeyri”: whales in the mist, waiting for the harpoon, one by one
Find out for yourself with headphones on, and wait what kind of images you get in your viewmaster!

– Wim Van Hooste