1. Evolym
  2. I know she does
  3. You live, you die
  4. Have you seen this girl anywhere
  5. The Pasta Song
  6. Cupid makes a fool of me
  7. Evolym (reprise)
  8. Inconstant Moon
  9. birds carried your song through the night
  10. Way over yonder in the Minor Key

King for a day, fool for a lifetime

The duo Just Another Snake Cult makes lo-fi, experimental, psychedelic indie pop. Multi-instrumentalist Þórir Bogason (programming, singing, guitars, bass, drums, auto-harp, keyboards) and Helga Jónsdóttir (cello, violin, singing) released the longplayer “Cupid Makes a Fool of Me” in October 2013. JASC has been anything between a one man’s band up to a football team sized group.

After the limited edition debut from 2010, “The Dionysian Season”, the successor “Cupid Makes a Fool of Me” is a jukebox filled with eccentric and woozy tunes, tributary of weirdos as Syd Barrett and Phil Spector. The first of the 10 songs is a freaky, psychedelic track, “Evolym”. My love spelled backwards. Or is there another hidden message to be detected?  Song 2 “I know she does” has a punky Sex Pistols intro, but turns into an 80/90s Britpop number. Echo beach tune “You live, you die”, brings in mind several songs by Beach Boy Brian. Track IV “Have you seen this girl anywhere?” is Beatlesesque with John & Macca on valium and helium, in good company of The Everly Brothers. “The Pasta Song” is an appetizing interludium with tapas. Title track “Cupid makes a fool of me” wears a brazzy coat. More luv around in “Evolym (reprise)” and “Inconstant Moon”. Highlight is the apocalyptic song “Birds carried your song through the night”, it’s as good as the early múm and Seabear. Last comer “Way over yonder in the Minor Key” (a cover of Guthrie & Bragg) could have been made by the Belgian Aussie Gotye.

An excellent, ecumentical album that brings together different eras, styles and moods. Let Love Rule, Cupid.

- Wim Van Hooste