1. Gold crowned eagle
  2. Indiana
  3. Wake up
  4. Gold crowned eagle (Pretty Please’s Laid Back Remix)

A tribe called KAJAK

KAJAK is an electronic duo hailing from Reykjavík. The cousins Sigurmon Hartmann Sigurðsson (of Cosmic Call fame) and Hreinn Elíasson produce catchy pop music on vintage synths and with a drum machine.
The opening song of “Children of the sun” is earworm “Gold crowned eagle”. The vocals bring you in trance, while the etnic electronics bring you to the Far North. It has been a while since this track landed on an EP. The video and song were made a few years ago. The Eagle is revisited in the ‘Pretty Please’s Laid Back RMX’.
This release can been seen as a maxi “Eagle” single, with the prequel “Indiana”, the sequel “Wake up” and the RMX. As a single it is sticky stuff, although as a prelude for a full album I want more punch on the drums and more kicks on the synths in the future.

– Wim Van Hooste