loji cover
  1. Bæjarins best
  2. Berlin
  3. Bíladagur á Akureyri
  4. Ekkert laust bílastæði við Kringluna
  5. HP F87
  6. Komin/n
  7. Martröð á baðherberginu
  8. Með Go_Pro vél á húddinu
  9. Miðnæturs snarlið
  10. Rigning
  11. Spólandi á bílaplani
  12. Stutt pissu stopp
  13. Tango í G-dúr
  14. Útileigan

Loji +1 in the driver’s seat

Logi Höskuldsson (°1987) has been cycling around in the capital’s music scene for almost a decade, as singer-guitarist in Sudden Weather Change and as guitarist in Prins Póló. Very productive Loji is also member of a rap band named I:B:M, and a collaboration with Júlía Hermannsdóttir, a member of shoegazers Oyama and the duo  We Painted The Walls.

His first album was “Skyndiskyssur” (Sudden Errors or Sudden Drafts) (Brak Records, a sublabel of the late Kimi Records). The second longplayer was called “Samansafn” (Collection).

This 3rd solo release is Loji’s first electronic album. Something that was on his bucket list. Like to have this album out as an LP. Árni +1 (Árni Plúseinn a.k.a. Árni Rúnar Hlöðversson) of FM Belfast fame did the mastering, and Helga Páley did the album’s artwork.

The theme is cruising in a car around places in Iceland. Loji takes you on a trip around the country in 14 songs, just like his father Höskuldur does as a tourist guide, with a kick off at the most famous hot dog stand of 101 RVK.

“Bullandi í bílnum” is the perfect music for tourists on the Golden Circle tour, or perhaps during their Full Circle journey.

– Wim Van Hooste