Brot cover
  1. Brot
  2. The Curtain
  3. Girl from Vancouver
  4. Ástarsaga úr Fjöllunum
  5. Bátur bíður
  6. Wanderlust
  7. Little Things
  8. Þokan
  9. Úlfar
  10. Slow Dance

A smile like an upside down rainbow

Svavar Knútur was the frontman of the band Hraun (‘Lava’). After two albums, the group split up.  Svavar, from the West Fjords, started out as a singer-songwriter in the fantastic fjord folk subgenre. After his 3 previous intimate, acoustic albums, “Ölduslóð” (Way of the waves), “Kvöldvaka” (Campfire Songs, 2009) and “Amma” (Songs for my grandmother, 2010), the troubadour is back with his 4th longplayer. “Brot (The Breaking)” was released on the 1. October on the Dimma records label. All albums from the quartet have a cover drawing made by Svavar’s daughter. For this fourth album, 2 different covers were made: 1 for the CD and 1 for the vinyl LP.

The title song “Brot” and the final track “Slow Dance” bring in mind the best of Hraun. Both tracks are more uptempo than the rest of the album. Song 2, “The Curtain”, a duet of violin and guitar, features a biangular view from the male and female side of the shower curtain. Song III, “Girl from Vancouver”, is anything but Canada Dry, sweet as maple sirup and has an astonishing brassy outro. “Ástarsaga úr Fjöllunum” is best known as a track by Hraun, written for “The Next Big Thing” BBC competition back in 2007. On “Brot” it gets a different arrangement and prominent angelic vocals. The fifth song is lullaby “Bátur bíður”, about a boat that waits under the stars. “Wanderlust” is a song that perfectly fits ‘Svavar the Globetrotter’. Song VII is a love song about the big “Little things”. “Þokan” is a tenuous track about being out in the fog, and the wolves are whispering in “Úlfar”. Who-ooh! Who-ooh! Who-ooh!

Svavar Knútur knows how to write and bring a song to life. Crystal clear male and female vocals, a perfect mix of Icelandic and English luscious and lyric lyrics, fantastic intrusive intros and outstanding outros. The best album by Svavar, and one of best Icelandic LPs of 2015!