Black lights cover
  1. Wanted 2 Say
  2. Black Lights
  3. Gradient Sky
  4. T3mp0
  5. I will
  6. R4vin
  7. 3y3
  8. T4ngled
  9. In Deep

You are my radiator!

The second studio album by Samaris, “Black Lights”, saw daylight on 10. June 2016 on the One Little Indian label. OLI has a crush on Icelandic musicians ever since The Sugarcubes appeared in the English tea. The eclectic electronica trio members are based in different cities nowadays. Þórður (Doddi) Kári Steinþórsson (synths & programming) goes wild in the techno scene of Berlin, Áslaug Rún Magnúsdóttir (clarinet) went to school in The Hague to study a specialised Sonology course, and singer Jófríður Ákadóttir became a real “traveller”, in the Irish and the non-Irish way.

For the first time the lyrics are entirely in English and are more personally than the Icelandic poetry fundaments of the previous recording (“Silkidrangar”, 2014). In some of the song titles out of fashion numbers have slipped in. R.I.P Prince. Most of the songs are taking a bath with Björk in her RMX period (Fluke, Underworld, Plaid, …) and I hear some echoes of Worm Is Green. The songs with ‘4’ in the title are my favourite tracks: “R4ven” and “T4ngled”.

“Black Lights” is a consistent and coherent second output by Samaris. Perhaps that is why I had the impression that there were only 3 quite long songs on the album. It creates an anemic atmosphere as cold as drinking iced ice tea outside the ice hotel within the Arctic circle with trench feet, numb finger tips, blue lips, and the unset of hypothermia. Splendid if you are a winter weather wacco, but a medical emergency if you prefer tropical and Bikini Islands. Looking forward to hear the necessary and obligatory RMX make-overs, bringing vitamines B, C and D into the core of the body.

– Wim Van Hooste