Pollaröck: Back to the rock ‘n’ roll kindergarten

Sindri: Born on 8. June 1986.
Smekkleysa: Founded on 8. June 1986.
Coincidence? Not at all.

November 2014, 28 years later on, Sindri Eldon is reunited with Smekkleysa. In the past Sindri was a member of the bands Dáðadrengir (winner of Músíktilraunir 2003), Desidia, Dynamo Fog and Slugs. The album “Bitter, Resentful” contains songs written by S.E. the last 10 years, although not featuring any songs he wrote the past 2 years. He declared that he was inspired by the likes of Juliana Hatfield, Bryan Ferry, Turbonegro, Kent and Ash. I prefer “For America” by Red Box and Rammstein’s “Amerika” above the opener “America – An ode”. Song 2 is the only one in Icelandic. Track III has the catchy albeit somewhat self-loathing title “I have earned the right to be a failure”. The 5th song is the title track. Please note the cheap and far-fetched f*cks in “The Lovers”. My highlights of the album are sad song 6, “Honeydrew”, and song XII “Things coming to a head”. Sindri’s solo debut, “Bitter, Resentful”, is a clean-shaven, polished longplayer: a ticket for a rock ‘n’ rollercoaster with Tivoli extravagance for teenagers. Let’s say a sort of Pollapönk for college rockers. A great voice, early Weezer perhaps, definitely an Offspring with a shaggy beard. It brings to mind some Back to the future high school moments. Not sure if Marty McFly takes the prom queen for a ride or brings her home in time.

Grading: C

– Wim Van Hooste