aurora frost
  1. Flex
  2. Nolan
  3. The Teeth Behind Kisses
  4. Secant
  5. Diphenyl Oxalate
  6. Venter
  7. No Sorrowing
  8. Sola Fide
  9. A Single Point Of Blinding Light

The beds are burning in the morning glory

And now for something completely different. On his fifth studio album, “Aurora”, Ben Frost collaborates with a.o. Greg Fox (ex-Liturgy), Thor Harris (Swans), Shahzad Ismaily, Tim Hecker, as part of his continious attempt to find ways of juxtaposing music, rhythm, technology, the body, performance, text, art, beauty and violence. So Ben’s team stayed far from “traditional” music: be ready for a post-classical, post-apocalyptical noise opera after sunrise.

Ben Frost (°1980, Melbourne) settled in Iceland almost a decade ago.

On his previous albums, for example “Theory of Machines” (2007) and “BY THE THROAT” (2009), Frost fuses militant industrial percussion with sinister, symphonic dark noise. Aussie Ben & Co. made “Aurora” without the use of guitars, pianos, string and wooden instruments. This album is largely written in Eastern DR Congo. The result was mixed in Reykjavík with Bedroom Community head and friend4life Valgeir Sigurðsson.

“Aurora” can refer to Northern Lights (Aurora borealis) or Southern Lights (Aurora australis). Probably Australian Icelander Ben has witnessed both. It is hard to discover hooks on this longplayer with 9 tracks. There is a great cinematic feeling all over, no surprise after all his experiences in that field. From the rising volume in opening track “Flex” until the last track “A Single Point Of Blinding Light”, Ben Frost lets us jump on a destructive runaway train criss-crossing a desolate, dense, distorted and dramatic landscape. Track V, “Diphenyl Oxalate”, is a reference to the ester CyalumeTM, used in Glow Sticks, but also to the album’s video art and cover art.

The violent and aggressive noise collage “Aurora” needs several listenings to be appreciated, but in the end you will have experienced a very intense and industrial clash of distortion and low bass tones, beyond words.