1. Sjávarhljóð
  2. Silkirein
  3. Þegar Þú Fórst
  4. Ég bið
  5. Vögguljóð

Mrs. Blue Sky

Bláskjár is the singer-songwriter project of Icelandic composer and musician Dísa Hreiðarsdóttir. After working for 2 years on lyrical folk music, Bláskjár released her 5-track EP entitled “As I pondered these things,” on Friday the 13th of May 2016.

Dísa’s music has some classical and theatral influences, but the electronica driven soundscapes give it an extra touch of beauty. The first two songs flow on poems from the 17th century, and the following three songs flutter on Dísa’s lyrics.

With Dísa’s vocals, her hands on the synths and piano, Bláskjár is able to evoke different moods.

I. “Sjávarhljóð”(Sea sound): Surfing on a black Echo Beach.

II. “Silkirein” (The one I love is gone): No woman, no cry!? This song was my favourite track of 2015!

III. “Þegar Þú Fórst” (When you went): Melancholia as drippity rain drops

IV. “Ég bið” (I wait): Persisting with patience for well-being.

V. “Vögguljóð” (Lullaby): A sweet song for a sweetheart.

It was worth waiting for almost 24 months for the delivery of Bláskjár’s first baby, the EP “As I pondered these things,”. With five fantastic tracks driven by ten fingers and straight coming from her heart and soul, Mrs. Dísa Hreiðarsdóttir brings blue skies to us all.

- Wim Van Hooste