1. Stay Awake
  2. Leave The Light Behind
  3. Virgin Eyes
  4. You're The One Awake
  5. The Low Road
  6. Rough Hands
  7. Nice forever
  8. 10 X 6
  9. Come Come
  10. Beach Boys

Pain is so close to pleasure

₩€$€‎₦, the electronic art-pop/pop-art duo hailing from Reykjavík, released their début album “₩ALL OF PAI‎₦” on 14. October 2016 on the Hidden Trail Records label. The duet of Loji Höskuldsson (of art rock band Sudden Weather Change and solo work fame) and Júlía Hermannsdóttir (a member of shoegazers band Oyama) started working on music together in their teens, but went their own way. ₩€$€‎₦ was formed in 2014 after years of musical separation. Loji & Júlia started with electronic experiments to create something fresh. Their output is a record that contains ten electro-poppy songs all about 3 minutes in length and recorded at various home studios in the capital area. The mixing was in the holy hands of Árni+1 of FM Belfast fame.

Opener “Stay Awake” has it roots in Loji’s recent solo work, but Júlía gives the song a second windproof and warm layer. Song 2, “Leave The Light Behind”, starts with a traditional guitar intro but turns into a more freaky soundscape in the end. In the third song, “Virgin Eyes”, Júlia’s vocal chords pump up the jam a bit. Number IV, “You’re The One Awake”, is a more upbeat track that kicks of as a FM Belfast party tune. “The Low Road” is the straight alley that you to have to follow to attend a ceremony in a small chapel. The fifth song, “Rough Hands”, is built around an unorthodox sound. The beats are all over the place in “Nice forever”. Search and find your lucky number in “10 X 6”. Track IX, “Come Come”, is my favourite song because it is such a peaceful piano driven piece. The final one is called “Beach Boys”, a song that can make you Smile or cry while staring into the sea.

“₩ALL OF PAI₦” is a consistent collection of dreamy compositions echoing the sincere and accurate mix of talents of the duo. The song lyrics bring you in a state of nostalgia, isolation and depression. Loji and Júlía’s voices make this perfect blend of feelings and emotions possible. ₩€$€‎₦ is definitely a creature to keep an eye on in the future. This couple could become a wesen to worship in a couple of years.

– Wim Van Hooste