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Who are we?


Benjamin Mark Stacey

Founder / Editor

Graphic designer, musician, promoter, runner of projects and all round creative handyman. After a realtively short but fruitful 6year career both on and off stage, now based in Toronto, Canada Ben’s turned his efforts to supporting and promoting the Icelandic music scene from a fara. With an extensive network and relevant skill set starting Rok seemed like a no-brainer.

Wim Van Hooste Garden

Wim Van Hooste (aka Dr.ROK)

Writer / Reviewer

Belgian Medical doctor, avid friend and officonado of Iceland since 1987. Blogging about Icelandic music since 2006, under various pseudonyms: “I love Icelandic music”, “Icelandic music mafia” and “Icelandic music mob”. Also curator of the first online Icelandic music museum as well as reviewing Icelandic records for the Belgian travel agency named “IJslandreizen”.

jeff obermeyer

Jeff Obermeyer

Writer / Reviewer

Jeff is a 40-something dude who lives in Seattle with his wife Holly and a dog. By day he spends most of his time staring at spreadsheets, databases, and e-mails on computer screens. He first visited Iceland in 2005, but didn’t get into the music scene at all until his first Airwaves in 2009 – and he has been back every year since. The first band from Iceland he thought was cool was Nögl after seeing them live at Grand Rokk (RIP) in 2009. He’s got over 100 records in his Icelandic vinyl collection, the “coolest” of which is probably HAM’s “Hold,” but his favorite to play is the “Rokk í Reykjavík” soundtrack.


Sonja Verbeeck

Reporter / Photographer 

Belgian catloving Icelandophile, based in Antwerp, Belgium. She fell in love with Iceland during her first visit in 2002.
Started taking pictures of the beautiful Icelandic nature and never stopped ever since.


She explored almost every part of the island and along the way, she grew a huge appreciation for the amazing scenery, the Icelandic people, the food and of course the music.


Hans van Wijk

Hans is a Dutch photographer specialized in taking pictures of musicians in his home country and in Iceland. Besides lying in the photopit at live gigs at festivals, he will never stop hunting for the Northern Lights.

Wanna join in? get in touch, the more the merrier!