Glen Matlock performs at SPOT at Kópavogur on 8. May 2014

The Beatles and Sex Pistols

Glen Matlock (° 27. August 1956) was the bassist in the original line-up of Sex Pistols. He was co-author of 10 of the 12 songs on “Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols” (°27. October 1977). He left the band in late February 1977, the legend being that he was “thrown out” because he liked The Beatles. Matlock rejoined the original Sex Pistols members for reunion tours in 1996, 2002, 2003, 2007 and 2008. He played bass guitar and sang for a time in the band The Philistines. Glen wrote the autobiography entitled “I was a Teenage Sex Pistol”.

Glen Matlock in Iceland

In August 2008 he planned a visit to the studio of Kiddi, member of the N°1 reggae band Hjálmar (The Helmets). Afterwards he was supposed to attend a gig by the band. Anyhow on 8. May 2014 it will be his first time on stage in Iceland, a solo and acoustic gig.
The link between Fræbbblarnir & Kópavogur & Sex Pistols
Kópavogur was the breeding place of the Icelandic punk scene in the late seventies. Fræbbblarnir, the godfathers of the punk era, were hugely influence by Sex Pistols. On their first gig on 25. November 1978 they played 2 Pistols songs: “EMI” and “God Save The Queen”, both with lyrics in Icelandic.

Sex Tapes

Helgi Briem, not the original but replacement bass player of Fræbbblarnir, remembers the early days of pönk (punk):

“In the summer of 1978, I still believed the papers, that punk was just a load of rubbish. Even though I had seen The Stranglers and loved them, I thought that was only due to their “prog” sound, compared to other punk bands. Then at an all night party, I heard fantastic music coming from a tape deck on the floor and I listened to it all night. It was unmarked. I ended up stealing it because nobody knew who owned it or what band was on it. I found out, many days later, that it was “Never Mind the Bollocks, Here’s the Sex Pistols”.

In 2007, frontman Valli and his wife Iðunn, and bass player Helgi Briem went to a Sex Pistols reunion gig.
Pönk 20XX gigs

Since 2008, almost every year, Fræbbblarnir and friends organize a tribute night to the punk music downtown the capital. A night full of covers of famous and notorious punk anthems and “hits”.

This year, Pönk 2014 features a real punk legend.
Punk’s not dead. No future?
Check it out for yourself.

Pönk 2014 with Glen Matlock, Fræbbblarnir and Q4U
Place 2 be: SPOT venue, Kópavogur
Date: Thursday 8. May 2014
Time: 21:00

Photo found in DV from May 1986

Other Photos found in DV from 30. January 1977