Quarashi photoSwitchback

Switchstance is a 5-track 12 Inch by Quarashi. It was also the first record the band ever released. The EP was an instant hit on the island, thanks to the title track. Only 500 copies were made of Switchstance, but all copies were sold in a week. Quarashi became the first rap act to find major success, in Iceland and abroad.

Lax Records is Sölvi Blöndal’s own record label. Magga Stína (aka Margrét Kristín Blöndal of the band Reptile) and Sölvi Blöndal are niece and cousin.


  1. “Switchstance”
  2. “Beam Me Up” (featuring Magga Stína)
  3. “¿Qué?” [Instrumental]
  4. “Lone Rangers” (featuring Magga Stína)
  5. “Speedo” [Instrumental]

Download the EP for free: http://quarashimusic.blogspot.be/2009/01/singles.html

More about the band here: http://www.quarashimusic.blogspot.com

– Wim Van Hooste